G-Light and Electron 2020 welcome to Middle East and North African Buyers

An Interview with Ms. Linda Lin – General Manager of Zhejiang Honger Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd

By: KohanPR

Hoer Exhibition, to become the bridge between global buyers and Chinese suppliers as it main duty, committed to global organization outreach service and the development of the industry, build the best trade platform for China’s foreign trade enterprises to export.

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1. Please explain more about Hoer Expo, latest projects and history.

Exhibition services trade, trade-in pursuit of benefits, Zhejiang Honger will be centred on the exhibitors, in pursuit of exhibition service details, at the meantime, more for studying how to use the exhibition platform to bring more substantial benefits for enterprises, And this is to be as hoer’s purpose.

Hoer’s team organized by people who engaged in more than ten years of Outreach service, have the richest experience on conference and exhibition service, with the deep understanding of the exhibition industry, grasping the forefront of the dynamic at exhibition service accurately.

At present, Our company involved in auto parts, medical medicine, heritage, building materials, hardware, engineering machinery, Christmas gifts, and other foreign trade shows etc. For tight booth resources, Our company will rely on domestic and international mainstream trade institutions, media, association and other platforms etc, Provide the necessary assistance for more Chinese excellent enterprises to show in the world.
Innovation for development, service strives for survival ! Zhejiang Honger will continuously innovate service idea, sincere, pragmatic, endeavour to create professional outreach services platform!

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At present, we are preparing for exhibitions in various industries, such as auto parts, plastics, packaging& printing, metal processing, food and other online exhibitions.

G-light and electron 2020 china virtual show

We have successfully held four online exhibitions, Browse Huzhou Online·Flooring Russia, Browse Pingyang Online 2020 B&R Special Field for Plastic Printing Packaging and Health Protection and G-Plast Phase 1&2. And also we have arranged a match meeting between buyers and suppliers. Many of our suppliers had got an order from our match meeting.

visitor analysis G-light and electron 2020
Hoer Exhibition-G-Light and Electron 2020-posters
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2. Please let us know more details about G Light and Electron 2020.
G-Light will hold Phase 1 on September 15-21 and Phase 2 on October 19-25. Nearly 100 exhibitors expected to attend which from Zhejiang Ningbo, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Zhejiang Taizhou, Zhejiang Wenzhou and other places in China.

Hoer Exhibition-G-Light and Electron 2020-posters

3. As a successful exhibition organizer, what do you think about Virtual exhibitions? Is it an impermanent solution or it is a preparation for future world?
Now, the online exhibition is in the early stage of development, from technology, key points of participating exhibition and the habit of the audience also need a period of time to develop.

We know that the development of any new things are a process, we are willing to guard this process to care for its growth with our professionalism, technology and patience.In the future, although the offline exhibition will also be the first choice of exhibitors, is the main body, but the online exhibition will be an important part of assisting offline exhibition,both styles supplement each other and infiltrate each other for serving exhibitors.

Ms. Linda Lin – General Manager of Zhejiang Honger Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd
Ms. Linda Lin – General Manager of Zhejiang Honger Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd

4. G-Light and Electron 2020 is a prestige event in the lighting industry , please let us know more about how G-Light and Electron 2020 is important for this sector?
We trapped by the epidemic, communication is limited, the distance of relation between supply and demand is faraway, first-hand resources are difficult to match the online platform to solve expanding customer channels.And through G-Light &Electron Online Exhibition display and live broadcast form, our clients confirmed the vitality of their enterprises,strength of their brands.

Peers were overwhelmed under the outbreak, G-Light &Electron Online Exhibition helps enterprises to take the initiative , and to seize the buyer’s resources in the crisis.And also online platform with no travel costs could gather global buyers, so that the exhibition without the limit of borders,time, regions, exhibitors are more convenient to broaden emerging market and buyers.Under the outbreak, G-Light & Electron provide enterprises a platform for new products release , old customer interaction and developing and understanding new customer.

5. What do you think about MENA region Lighting and Electric Market and its future?
The MENA region has seen rapid economic growth in recent years, leading to a boom in the construction industry, particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The UAE has a solid construction base and its total value of construction projects has been growing in recent years. Dubai, the second-largest emirate, has rapidly doubled its demand for building materials since its successful transformation into a tourism economy. With the global economic integration, the pace of industrial adjustment in developed countries has been further accelerated, the production of general lighting electrical products has shifted to developing countries in large numbers, and the growing population and wealth of the Gulf countries over the past decade, the continued warming of tourism have all led to a boom in the construction industry.

The reconstruction of infrastructure in many countries, such as Iraq, has greatly stimulated the demand for lighting products. At present, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Gulf region are currently in a period of economic prosperity, retail, trade and real estate development led to the demand for lighting equipment, while Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates population growth also led to the development of lighting equipment industry, coupled with Dubai will host the 2020 World Expo, this world-renowned event will undoubtedly make the Middle East once again the focus, further promote the Construction and Tourism Boom in the Middle East.

6. What is the form of the exhibitor participating in this online exhibition?
1. With interactive map design, exhibition scenes are set up online.
2. Introduced the concept of booth floor plans and booth areas.
3. Perfectly integrated with offline exhibitions.

Hoer Exhibition-G-Light and Electron 2020-Floor plan

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