Interview with Amanda Yang – Organizer of Zhejiang Plastic Industry Virtual Expo – Middle East Station

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1. Please let us know more about ZHEJIANG PLASTIC INDUSTRY VIRTUAL EXPO – MIDDLE EAST STATION goals and details.
The development of the entire plastics industry chain is facing huge challenges after COVID-19. The impact also includes the postponement and cancellation of many international trade fairs.

To bridge the supply and the procurement for the whole chain of metallurgy casting industry, G-Plast 2021 provides a perfect platform for qualified matchmaking, which saves energy talking to the middle person With rich experience working as exclusive China Pavilion organizer in many international plastics exhibitions, Hoer Expo launches the Global Plastic Portfolio Digital Exhibition·Middle East with the appliance of internet, database and live-stream. During the show you can do your product launch, follow your interesting seminar, and talk to your visitor with our instant chat tool. Come and join us for a great matchmaking and find your buyers in G-Plast 2021!

The Global Plastic Portfolio Digital Exhibition·Middle East (Online show) is a professional trade show which has built a reliable and user-friendly communication and promotion platform for industry professionals to find products and business partners they are looking for to exchange experiences and discuss further trade development, all conveniently created online.

The exhibition will run on Jan. 11-17, 2021, Beijing time, which gathers the most quality products, all of the new information in the field and cutting-edge technologies and innovations, making it all readily available for professional visitors.
Here are 6 product categories in the meeting. They are plastic raw materials, plastic processing molds and accessories, plastic products and plastic film xiangsu products, plastic and rubber machinery and equipment, recycling plastic and melt spray cloth industry chain.

Our exhibition is held in an international platform -FAIRSROOM which can provide each company an independent showroom with products description, 3D presentation, videos, factory live stream and instant online chat room with buyers. It is a simulation of physical exhibition, but for both exhibitors and visitors, it’s more convenient and efficient than a physical exhibition. During the period of the exhibition, we organize a B2B matchmaking meeting for the buyers and suppliers.

It is planned to arrange a one-on-one meeting for 6 days from January 11 to 16, 2021, organizing 50 suppliers from Zhejiang province and no less than 60 overseas buyers to meet through the Fairsroom. Each Zhejiang exhibitor will meet with no less than 5 overseas buyers on average. Just register and tell us your product requirements and we will do the matching work for you.

2. Why you select the Middle East as your next destination? What is Middle East potentials in Plastic industry?
The Middle East is the world’s largest plastic raw material processing region, accounting for 80% of the global market. The plastics industry has become the fastest-growing industry in the Middle East with demand mainly coming from industrial construction and increasing population and consumption.

Since 2017, Gulf countries have increased their investment to the petrochemical industry, which will not only extend the petrochemical industry chain but also drive the development of the downstream market. The plastics industry will be the biggest beneficiary. Expo 2020 will be held in the Middle East for the first time, which will play a positive role in promoting trade and investment in the region, and the plastics processing industry will also usher in rapid growth.

The floorplan

3. Please let us know more about the Chinese plastic industry and manufacturers. How does China turn to a huge power in Plastic industry?
China is a major exporter of plastic machinery with 1.6403 million units exported in 2019, up 29% year-on-year. The amount was $2.708 billion, up 11% from the same period last year. The plastic industry is also one of the pillar industries in many provinces, such as Zhoushan known as the hometown of China’s screw.

Ningbo is an important city for the production of the plastic extruding machine in China. Ningbo Haitian, Starfish, Ningbo Yonghua and Kangrun are all world-famous extruding machine brands. Yuyao, which is a city mainly produces plastic raw materials. Huangyan is praised as the mould capital and Ruian, which is the origin of plastic packaging machinery. These cities are all important industrial bases of plastics in China.

The B2B matchmaking meeting screenshots,using the FAIRSROOM

The history of the plastic industry:
In 1949, China was founded. The output of synthetic resin is less than 300 tons and plastic products only 1000 tons. Most factories are concentrated in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou cities and the scale are very small and basic, no plastic auxiliary production only some plastic machinery and some simple mould.

In 1956, when the plastics industry was noted and the production of plastics increased year by year but the output remained low. Up to1957, the output of synthetic resin reached 13,000 tons and plastic products reached 14,000 tons.

Since the implementation of the reform and opening policy in 1978, China has started to import ethylene plants from abroad on a large scale and various petrochemical bases rose sharply in China. With the unprecedented prosperity of China’s petrochemical industry, the output of domestic plastic products is also growing at a high speed of 12%. By 1996, the output of plastic products in China has exceeded 15 million tons, ranking the second place in the world. In 1990, synthetic resins amounted to 2.268 million tons, accounting for 2.29% of world production.

Through the introduction of advanced processing equipment and production lines from Europe, America and Japan, the domestic plastic processing industry improved its processing capacity, mechanization level and quality grade of plastic products and increased its product development capacity.

The B2B matchmaking meeting screenshots,using the FAIRSROOM:

Entering the 21st century, the scale of China’s plastic industry continued to expand. From 2000 to 2005, China’s synthetic resin grew at an average annual rate of 11.8%, about three times that of the world. The industrial-scale, main economic index, technical level and the number of employees in the plastic products industry greatly developed. Correspondingly, the export capacity of plastic products and machinery was constantly improving. In 2010, the export volume and export volume of plastic products reached 14.62 million tons and 35.9 billion US dollars respectively.

From 2011 to 2015, the production and sales of plastic products in China ranked first in the world, among which the output of plastic products accounted for about 20% of the world’s total output. The plastic enterprises number increased from 12,963 in 2011 to 15,000 in 2016.

With the great development of the plastic industry, the pollution to the environment appeared. In order to strengthen the sustainable development of the plastics industry, China had released a number of laws and regulations for the plastic industry in recent years. The production of plastic was gradually low carbon and eco-friendly.

4.What is the benefit of buying plastic industry products from Chinese manufacturers?
China has issued a lot of policies to guide and support the development of the plastic industry so the plastic industry is booming. There are lots of high quality and influential brands in China and products exported to all over the world are widely praised. China has abundant labour resources so the cost is lower than that of Britain, France and other European developed countries and the price is favourable.

While the price of products in the country and region like Africa and the Middle East is lower, it is difficult to guarantee the product quality and delivery time. Meanwhile, China is a country known for its diligence. Enterprises and employees will actively cooperate to meet the needs of buyers and deliver goods on time. If there is any problem, they will timely communicate with the buyers about it, very reliable.

5. Honger expo is a leader organizer in Virtual and online exhibitions, how you predict the future of virtual exhibitions? Why Honger expo start a huge investment in the virtual and online expo in china and the international market?
At present, the epidemic abroad has not been effectively contained and the international exhibition business is at a standstill. Under the current severe situation of the epidemic, online exhibitions is still a positive and effective way to promote trade for quiet a long time in the future and the B2B matchmaking meeting is the most important part of it. Invite real buyers and confirm his demand to the matchmaking meeting and communicate with targeted suppliers through live video which makes online exhibitions more effectively.

6. Let us know more about Honger expo company, history and success story
Hoer International Exhibition is a professional outreach service unit serving domestic and foreign trade and export enterprises. Its brand includes Beijing Hoer International Fairs Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hoer Convention & Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Hebei Hoer Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Huzhou Hoer Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Xi’an Branch of Hoer Exhibition.

Hoer Exhibition, to become the bridge between global buyers and Chinese suppliers as it the main duty, committed to global organization outreach service and the development of the industry, build the best trade platform for China’s foreign trade enterprises to export. Exhibition services trade, trade-in pursuit of benefits, Beijing hoer will be centred on the exhibitors, in pursuit of exhibition service details, at the meantime, more for studying how to use the exhibition platform to bring more substantial benefits for enterprises. And this is to be as hoer’s purpose.

At present, Our company involved in auto parts, medical medicine, heritage, building materials, hardware, engineering machinery, Christmas gifts, and other foreign trade shows etc. For tight booth resources, Our company will rely on domestic and international mainstream trade institutions, media, association and other platforms etc, Provide the necessary assistance for more Chinese excellent enterprises to show in the world

For exhibition details, please contact: Hoer Exhibition Group
WeChat – Whatsapp: +8618646282451

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